Suzanna Williams
Suzanna Williams.jpg
Name Suzanna Williams
Born 1962
Place Dallas, Texas
Cause of Death

Suzanna "Suzie" Williams (born 1962 in Dallas, Texas) is a former American Model. She is best known for being one of two Card Dealers on model on the 1980's version of Card Sharks during the tenures of Bob Eubanks (Daytime) and Bill Rafferty (Nighttime).

Before entering the world of card dealing, Suzanna previously appeared as contestant on the NBC Game Show Super Password on the seventh episode of the series, with Abby Dalton & Charles Nelson Relly, airing October 2, 1984, but she didn't do so well, and losing it to Julie Segovia.

A year later, she landed the job as one of the models on the short-lived NBC game show Time Machine, hosted by future Hollywood Squares host John Davidson.

A year after Time Machine ended, Susanna became one of the two card dealers on both the newly CBS daytime version of Card Sharks hosted by Bob Eubanks (1986-1989) and the syndicated nighttime version hosted by Bill Rafferty (1986-1987).

Susanna's sister (believed to be Shirley) served as a guest model on Card Sharks sometime in the fall of 1988 while Lacey Pemberton was on maternity leave.

After Card Sharks left the airwaves in March 1989, Susanna left the world of television altogether and during the 3 1/4 year run of the Eubanks version (and the Rafferty nighttime version), she was the longest-serving model on all versions of Card Sharks combined, and the only model to remain for the entire run without a break.

Goodson-Todman Show Modeled[edit | edit source]

Card Sharks (1986-1989)

Goodson-Todman Show Appeared[edit | edit source]

Super Password (1984)

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