Crime, Drama
October 6, 1959–March 26, 1960 on ABC
Run time
30 Minutes
Philip Carey
William Schallert
Ed Kemmer

Philip Marlowe was a television show.

Description[edit | edit source]

The private detective Marlowe (as portrayed by Carey) departed very much from the original character. NBC-TV financed the original pilot for a Marlowe series starring Carey, but sold te program an Carey to ABC which revamp it.

The show debuted on October 6, 1959 with the episode "The Ugly Duckling" with Virginia Gregg and Rhys Williams.

The program's lack of success was attributed to its similarity to other contemporary detective series.

Sponsors were Brown & Williamson and American Home Products.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Merchandise[edit | edit source]

A board game called Philip Marlowe The Exciting Detective Game was released by Transogram in 1960.

Philip Marlow Game.png

Inventor[edit | edit source]

Based on a series of novels by Raymond Chandler.

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Philip Marlowe - The Ugly Duckling


Philip Marlowe

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