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Documentary Film
October 13, 2017
Run Time
81 minutes
Ted Slauson
Bob Barker
Roger Dobkowitz
Kevin Pollak
Drew Carey
Terry Kneiss

Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much was a documentary film where it explores how Ted Slauson who became adept at recording and memorizing prices of products featured on The Price is Right since its inception in 1972. Produced by FortyFPS Productions and MK Ultra Productions and was directed by CJ Wallis.


This film explores how contestant Ted Slauson became adept at memorizing the prices of prizes and products on The Price is Right from its earlier inception in 1972 as it culminates in Slauson helping a contestant (i.e. Terry Kniess) bid perfectly on a showcase in 2008 for which resulted in one of the biggest controversies in game show history that was covered in Time Magazine, Esquire, TMZ and more.

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