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Paul Alter
Name Paul Alter
Born March 11, 1922
Place Chicago, Illinois
Died June 11, 2011 (aged 89)
Place Los Angeles, California
Cause of Death Natural causes
Occupation Director

Paul Alter (March 11, 1922 – June 11, 2011) was an American television director and producer, best known for specializing in TV game shows.


World remembers Paul Alter as a one of the greatest veterans in TV game-shows.


During his life Paul Alter directed and produced over 60 projects. On June 11, 2011 this Emmy-winning director and television legend died at the age of 89. Alter had two marriages, the first one was with Shirley Burrows with whom was married for over 40 years, and his second was with Lorraine Cole. From both marriages Alter has three daughters.

Paul Alter was born in Chicago back in 1922. He grew up in the city where also completed his elementary and high school. He enrolled and graduated from Yale School of Drama and the New York University. Alter discover his talent for music since school days and after graduating spent time with Teddy Wilson from the Benny Goodman Quartet who was teaching him piano playing lessons.

In the years that followed, Paul Alter managed to create a career of one of the best TV game show directors. He was involved in many projects produced by big TV and media networks like NBC, ABC and others, often directing all pilot episodes produced by these companies. His work on game shows like The Price Is Right, To Tell the Truth, Family Feud and many more brought him fame and recognition in all spheres of the public life and media jet set. All of this is recognized through 14 nominations and 2 wins of Emmy Awards in 1982 and 1996.