OddBall alt
Oddball Copyright
February 1, 1986, NBC Studio #3
Run time
30 Minutes
Jamie Farr
Gene Wood

Oddball was an unsold pilot for which in turn was a remake of the short-lived 1964 ABC daytime game show Get the Message.


Main GameEdit

The game was played in three rounds with eight celebrities separated by gender (four men vs. four women) and backed by a civilian contestant team captain. In each round, the contestants were isolated in a soundproof room while the celebrities each wrote down a one word clue (ala Match Game) which they thought would get their captains to say a secret word/phrase/name (ala Password). When they were finished, the clues were revealed with repeats and any other incriminating clues taken out of play. The contestants later came out of isolation and looked at the clues given by their teammates. Each player made a guess and the player who guessed the subject correctly won some money. The first word was worth $100, the second was worth $200 and the third was worth $400. On the third subject, the clues were not revealed on the spot. This time, when the players returned, they went back & forth picking off clues; revealding a repeat lost a turn. This went on until all the clues were used or one player guessed the subject and thereby winning the $400. The player with the most money, won the game and the right to play the "One Shot Jackpot" game.

Bonus Round (One Shot Jackpot)Edit

The "One Shot Jackpot" game was played with all eight celebrities. While the winning contestant went back into isolation one more time, each celebrity panelist gave a one word clue to one final word. When the champion returned s/he tried to guess what the word was. He/she only got one guess, hence the one shot. The champ picked off panelists one at a time and play stopped when somebody gave a repeat clue or the champ took his/her one guess. If the guess was correct, the champion won the One Shot Jackpot which started at $20,000 and $5,000 was added to it for everyday it isn't won.

Production SlateEdit

Oddball Production Slate


In its production slate (as of which you can see above this article), the theme song that plays during Final Jeopardy! from Jeopardy! was briefly used.
The think music that plays when the panelists wrote down their clues was also used as a cue for the pricing games: Check Game, Make Your Move and Cover Up from The Price is Right.
The background prop intro from Oddball was also borrowed from The Price is Right.
In the "Mark Goodson Production" end credits, a yellow computerized variant where the logo flies out of view with the sound of a jet was also used during the end credits of Super Password and the short-lived 1990 revival of To Tell the Truth.

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Oddball (2 1 86) - Intro to Pilot 1

Oddball (2 1 86) - Intro to Pilot 1

Oddball - A real turkey from '86

Oddball - A real turkey from '86


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