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July 22, 2008 at CBS Studio 33 for TBS
Run time
30 Minutes
Andy Daly
Scott Reside

This is chronicling the 2008 unsold pilot for a new version Match Game on TBS.

Game Format[]

Just like in the original 70s version, the object of the game was to match as many of the celebrities as they can. At the beginning of each round, one contestant had a choice of two questions (A or B) leaving the other one for the other contestant. Each contestant was read a statement with a blank at the end or near the end. Then the six celebrities wrote down their answers to fill in the blank. When finished, the contestant in control gave an answer of his/her own after which the stars revealed their answers. Each time the contestant matched he/she scored a point but each celebrity can only be matched one time. The game was played in two rounds and the player who had matched the most celebrities at the end of round two won the game. The winner of the game won the right to play an all new Super Match.

Super Match[]

In this version, the contestant's job is to fill the blank with the most popular answer (ala Family Feud). After the clock stops, the contestant is allowed to change two of them with the help of the celebrities (they only call on one, but helping is encouraged). For each correct guess of the popular answer, $200 is awarded. Then comes the standard Head-to-Head for 10x the money, up to $10,000.


Set Pics[]

Model Designs[]


The six panelists that were seen in the pilot were: (the late) Super Dave Osborne (a.k.a. Bob Einstein), Sarah Silverman, Scott Thompson, Rashida Jones, Norm Macdonald and Niecy Nash. In addition, Nash would later become a rotating panelists in the ABC Alec Baldwin revival in 2016.
The pilot was later shot down in favor of the George Lopez hosted, short-lived, late-night talk show called Lopez Tonight which aired from 2009 until 2011.
The set was not like the on used on the sixth episode of Gameshow Marathon in 2006.
On June 4, 2020; the full pilot #1 (or "rough cut") was uploaded by veteran game show host Wink Martindale on YouTube as part of his ongoing series called "Wink's Vault".

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