Run time
30 Minutes
Charlene Tilton

This is chronicling an unsold pilot called MG2 (or MG2: The Match Game) from 1996.

Game formatEdit

The front game was pretty much the same; only here, everybody wrote down their answers. The five panelists ("Downtown" Julie Brown, David Chokachi, Gil Gerard, Kathleen Kinmont and Rondell Sheridan) had their answers checked first, and the two controlling player's last. As on the 1998 version, cutesy named categories were used, rather than "A" or "B". The scoring system was one point per match in the first round and two points per match in the second round. The player with the most points won the game and $250.

The end game was radically different from any other versions in two parts.

Panel PollEdit

It takes place of the "Head to Head" match where in the first half featured each celebrity was told to pick an answer from a three possible answer multiple choice question about their personalities. The contestant then picked one of the answers and received $100 per match. This happened again with a different multiple-choice question and this time, each match was worth $200.

Audience MatchEdit

The second half featured the contestant who tried to fill in a blank with suggestions from the celebrities. Their total cash winnings doubled from the "Panel Poll" if they matched the third most popular answer, tripled if they matched the second most popular answer and quintupled if they matched the most popular answer. The top prize was $7,500.



Many elements from the pilot were kept in the second pilot that was shot a year later with Michael Burger at the helm.
Rondell Sheridan would later become a panelist in the 1998 revival of Match Game hosted by Michael Burger.


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MG2 Pilot

MG2 Pilot