Adventure, Mystery
1961 (on TV)
Run time
60 Minutes
Peter Graves (as Bill Ballin)
William Bryant (as R.G. Joseph/Bill Bryant)
Diana Millay (as Cynthia Raine)
Richard Bakalyan (as Lt. Bernard McFeety)
Jamie Farr (as Gopher)
Lawrence Dobkin (as Fredericks)
Margaret Field (as Helen Leopold/Maggie Mahoney)
Jay Adler (as Duke Masters)
Tom Drake (as Leopold)
Michael Barrier (as Harry - Helicopter Pilot)
Andrew J. Fenady (as John Regan - Private Eye/as A.J. Fenady)
Ralph Moody (as Muley)
Robert Hickman
James Cavanaugh (as Jimmy Cavanaugh)
Harry Harvey Jr. (as Airline Clerk)
Lisa Seagram (as Casino Waitress)
Bill Couch
John Sutton (as Martin Scott)
Chuck Hamilton (as Hoover Dam Security Guard/Uncredited)

Las Vegas Beat was an unsold pilot for a TV series, that eventually aired as a TV movie.

Description[edit | edit source]

Bill Ballin (Peter Graves), a former policeman who now works for the Las Vegas Casino as a private detective, helps the police crack a violent armored car.

Protecting a City's Image[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]


Las Vegas Beat


LAS VEGAS BEAT 1961 Peter Graves rare TV pilot

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