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Jonathan Goodson
Name Jonathan Michael Goodson
Born August 20, 1945
Place New York City, New York
Occupation TV Producer

Jonathan Michael Goodson (born August 20, 1945) is a television game show producer and the son of Mark Goodson.


Jonathan Michael Goodson was born on August 20, 1945 in New York City, New York. His parents are Mark Goodson and Bluma Neveleff. He received a B.A. at Stanford University in 1967, and an L.L.B. from Yale Law School in 1970.

Jonathan first joined his father's production company Goodson-Todman Productions in 1973 as chief counsel. He later produced several game shows for Mark Goodson Productions until December 1992, when his father passed away. Jonathan took over the company beginning in early 1993 and ran it until 1995 when the company was sold to All-American Television.

Jonathan formed his own production company in January 1996, Jonathan Goodson Productions. His company has mostly produced state-based lottery game shows. He holds the distinction of being the most successful creator and producer of lottery game shows in televison history.

Jonathan formed Goodson Gaming in early 2010. Later that year, he formed a joint venture, Velocity Gaming, with Foxwoods Development Company.

Jonathan Goodson Productions[]

Logo Title Host Co-Host(s) Announcer Aired
160px-Vlcsnap-35005.pngBigspin3.jpg160px-Vlcsnap-48779.png160px-Vlcsnap-104537.png The Big Spin Chuck Woolery (1985) Geoff Edwards (1985-1994) Larry Anderson (1995-1996) Jack Gallagher (1996-1999) Pat Finn (1999-2009) Maiquel Alejo (1993-2009) Charlie O'Donnell (1985) Rich Hardaway (1986-1998) Jackie Taylor (1999-2003) Randy West (2004-2009) Regional Syndication through California: September 14, 1985-January 10, 2009
160px-Bonus Bonanza.jpg Bonus Bonanza Brian Tracey Dawn Hayes Frank Averue Massachusetts WCVB-TV 5 January 1995-March 1998
A Chance de Ouro
Cash Tornado.png Cash Tornado Jim Perry No co-host Gene Wood Pilot, April 5, 1994
Cram.jpg Cram Graham Elwood Berglind Icey No announcer GSN, January 6, 2003 – September 19, 2003
DRC.jpg Dirty Rotten Cheater Bil Dwyer No-Co-Host No announcer PAX, January 6, 2003 – April 14, 2003
160px-Vlcsnap-167928.pngMillion Dollar Flamingo Fortune.png Flamingo Fortune JD Roberto (1995-1996), Michael Young (1996-1999) Rich Fields (Sub-Host) Heather Alexander (1995-1996), Lisa Stahl-Sullivan (1996-1999) Rich Fields Syndication (Florida Only) October 14, 1995-February 28, 1999
Forgive or Forget ML era.pngForgive or Forget RG era.png Forgive or Forget (TALK SHOW) Mother Love (1998–2000), Robin Givens (2000) No co-host No announcer Syndication, June 8, 1998 – May 26, 2000
160px-Iir.jpgVlcsnap-2014-09-17-16h32m51s84.png160px-Il.jpg Illinois Instant Riches/Illinois' Luckiest) Mark Goodman Linda Kollmeyer Bill Barber (1994-1998) Tony Russell (1994-1998, 1998-2000) Illinois Syndication/WGN Superstition, July 9, 1994-August 15, 1998/August 22, 1998-October 21, 2000
180px-Vlcsnap-2013-02-23-14h40m13s158.pngImage065 (1).png The Illinois Lottery 25th Anniversary Special Linda Kollmeyer & Jeanne Sparrow Bill Lapp None Illinois Syndication/WGN, 1999
Make Me Rich!.jpg Make Me Rich Christopher Knight Beth McLeod No announcer Syndicated (Michigan only) October 16, 2009-present
160px-Nywired.jpg NY Wired Janice Huff (1997-98), Cheryl Washington (1998-99) Scott Winters Yolanda Vega Scott Winters Syndication (New York Only), October 4, 1997 – June 13, 1999
Pennsylvania Lottery 25th Annivrsary.png Pennsylvania Lottery 25th Anniversary Game Show Dick Clark and Gigi Gordon None None Syndication (Pennsylvania Only), 1997
Powerball The Game Show.jpg Powerball: The Game Show Bob Eubanks Debbie James Ed MacKay Syndication, October 2000 – September 2002
Second Chance Sweepstakes
Super Chance Sweepstakes
Win'n Spin
Zama Zama

Note: For a brief period, Illinois Instant Riches (up to 1996) and Flamingo Fortune (first 5 episodes) was produced under the credit of Mark Goodson Productions.