1996 at Tribune Studios
Run time
30 Minutes
Tom Green
Deedee Weathers

This is chronicling the 1996 unsold pilot of Card Sharks.

Game formatEdit

The main round had a 10-person group poll question (mainly rock video supergirls in the pilot) for the right to try and make it to the end of a single 10-card pyramid (similar to the 2001 version) if the player manages to do so won $250 (doubled to $500 for guessing all ten cards in a single turn) and a chance for $5,000 in the bonus round that plays very similar to the Shell Game from The Price is Right.

Bonus RoundEdit

He/She was shown four cards (three numbered cards and an ace) A video was run, featuring one of three celebrities (i.e. David Hasselhoff, Cynthia Garrett and Doug Davidson) answering a question (similar to the "dilemmas" used in the 2001 version) A correct prediction as to where the celebrity correctly answered the question earned the right to pick one card out of the four. After two/three questions were asked, the player won $100 times the value of each numbered card. However, if they keep the ace they won $5,000.



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Card Sharks Pilot

Card Sharks Pilot