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Buzzr TV (or Buzzr) is an American digital multicast television network owned by FremantleMedia (now Fremantle). The network features classic game shows. The network launched on June 1, 2015.

The network will be using FremantleMedia's library of game shows to program the network. Debmar-Mercury (Fremantle's distribution partner for the current run of Family Feud) is handling affiliate recruitment.


On January 20, 2015, FremantleMedia announced that it would launch Buzzr TV, a digital multicast network that will serve as an extension of the brand; the network, which announced Fox Television Stations as its charter station group, would feature a lineup of classic game shows from the company's programming library. Thom Beers, CEO of FremantleMedia North America, stated his interest in launching a network centered around its game show content after he joined the company in 2012, calling such a project a "top priority" for Fremantle as a way to help monetize the value of its library. The company intended to focus Buzzr toward older adults, with Beers citing that the "old-format game shows are really, really hard [for the younger viewership that the Buzzr YouTube channel targets] to watch." The Buzzr television network launched on June 1, 2015.

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On February 23, 2016, a New York-based web development firm called Codename Enterprises, sued FremantleMedia over trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition as it has done business also under the name of "Buzzr" since 2009. The suit argued that Fremantle's use of the brand on its YouTube channel had associated it with objectionable content and alleged that Fremantle had displaced its own YouTube channel URL to point towards it. (see the "Links" page for details)


The channel made its debut on Fox owned TV Stations on June 1, 2015. As promised, the network is filled with FremantleMedia's library of game shows, spanning 154 series in an estimated 40,000 extant episodes in total. The network's initial lineup (with series produced from the 1950s to 2000) is expected to include To Tell the Truth, Password, Family Feud (encompassing episodes beginning with Richard Dawson as host and dating up to John O'Hurley's tenure), Let's Make a Deal (from Monty Hall's hosting runs), the Match Game, Beat the Clock, What's My Line?, Press Your Luck, Blockbusters and Card Sharks.

Extra Two Hours[]

FremantleMedia and Buzzr provides two hours of "bonus" content weekly to affiliates to air on another subchannel in their frequency. Those two shows in particular include the short-lived 1986-87 syndicated version of Card Sharks hosted by the late Bill Rafferty and the syndicated 1999-02 version of Family Feud hosted by Louie Anderson. KGNG Las Vegas airs those two games on their independent subchannel branded Movies Plus, channel 47.5 (BUZZR's on 47.2). KCDO-TV Sterling/Denver took it one (big) step up. The independent station branded K3 airs those games on their primary channel, 3.1 on Saturdays at 4:00 PM local time. It's the only footprint the network has on the satellite pay-tv outlets as K3 is carried on all cable/satellite/telco system in the Denver market. In the surrounding areas in Denver having access to the network on KCDO's OTA channel 3.3 can watch two hours of BUZZR.

K3 Game Show Promos.png

Games 30 20 15 10

Streaming Sites[]

Since 2017, these three various websites for online users can be downloaded with full episodes of classic game shows from FremantleMedia's library.


A new channel on Roku (or similar) devices called Nosey has on-demand access of full episodes of FremantleMedia-owned classic game shows including: Family Feud (Dawson & Anderson), Match Game (Rayburn), Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth (Collyer) & Card Sharks (Eubanks).


Amazon Prime Video[]

The network announced that it has teamed up with Amazon Prime Video to give on-demand access to many of the most popular classic game shows including: Beat the Clock (Hall), Blockbusters (Cullen), Body Language, Card Sharks (Perry & Eubanks), Child's Play, Double Dare (Trebek), Family Feud (Dawson, Combs & Anderson), Match Game (Rayburn), Password Plus (Ludden), Press Your Luck, Super Password, Tattletales, I've Got a Secret (Moore) & What's My Line? (Daly) including episodes of the short-lived adaptation of Brain Wall/Human Tetris called Hole in the Wall (Burns) was also available to watch although this show has never aired on Buzzr yet. In 2018, episodes of Supermarket Sweep (Ruprecht) from 2000 can now be available for download and watch. Also in the same year, they've added the 2007 episodes of Family Feud with John O'Hurley along with the 1961 episode of I've Got a Secret with Garry Moore.

AmazonPrimeVideo Logo HiRes dark-1.jpg


For Twitch users, various full episodes of classic game shows (like the '79 revival of Beat the Clock with Monty Hall and the '86 revival of Card Sharks with Bob Eubanks for example) can be streamed and viewed 24/7 from this site as well. However, as of April 22, 2019; it was announced (via facebook)[1]that the network will not be returning.

25445987 1943887992494653 8849817661407215212 n.jpg


In 2019, a local TV broadcasting company called Sinclair Broadcasting Group launched a new streaming service called STIRR that mostly aims to bring local TV news and other content to the growing number of "cord cutters" across the U.S. The company today owns more than 190 TV stations, which it's leveraging in order to create its own "skinny bundle". However, unlike TV streaming services such as the likes of: Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV or YouTube TV, STIRR will be free and ad-supported instead of paid subscription. One of those services is Buzzr.


Celebrating 75 Years of the TV Game Show (2016)[]

In conjunction with its anniversary of the genre, the network plans to create a story arc celebrating the genre's 75th year by adding new episodes of favorable classic game shows along with additional promotions and special marathon blocks all year long.

Celebrating 75 Years of the TV Game Show Alt.png
75 Years.jpg

Why I Love Game Shows[]

In 2016, the network invited its viewers to upload a photo, video or send a message telling them about your love of game shows where you might even have an opportunity to be featured on BUZZR or on their official Facebook Page.

145922716056fa0a183e2cd2 69209893.jpg

Expansion in Canada[]

On September 12, 2016, the network expanded in Canada as an midnight hour block called "BUZZR After Hours" exclusively on the Canadian television channel YES TV. It was a three-hour weekly programming block that airs every Monday thru Friday from 1:00 until 4:00 AM featuring classic black & white and color vintage game shows from FremantleMedia's library including: To Tell the Truth, What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret, Card Sharks, Sale of the Century, Beat the Clock (1979 Version) and Double Dare. (See the "Link" below this article for details.)

Buzzr TV Classic Game Shows This Fall.jpg
Buzzr YES TV.jpg


The local affiliate sub-channel is carried in some areas on the streaming service called LocalBTV also carries the network.

LocalBTV logo.png

Live Streaming[]

On June 1, 2018; due to the celebration of their 3rd Birthday, the network has now their very own website where you were allowed to watch various classic shows. just go to to do so now.

Watch Live! Stream Buzzr TV Now.png

NOTE: Go to "Links" page for details.

Pluto TV[]

In 2018, the network has started to offer a 24/7 free streaming on Pluto TV's app where you can watch your favorite classics on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku and Android TV devices.


Buzzr Casino (App)[]

In October 2016, the network has teamed up with fellow Canadian video game company called Ludia as they released an iOs/Android app called Buzzr Casino named after the network's former primetime block, the app offers free slot machines games along with the opportunity to network with other players as well as exciting casino games. The players can try their luck at Buzzr's slot machine and unlock new slot games with every level they crack. The classic library of shows that were seen on the app includes: Family Feud, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, Let's Make a Deal and more.

Buzzr Casino app.jpg

Game Day 10 Sweepstakes[]

On January 10, 2017, the network did their "Game Day 10 Sweepstakes" where on the 10th of every month, you can watch the network for the "Buzzr Word of the Day", then you'll enter that word at or on their Facebook page for your chance to win cool prizes.

15965891 1794117300805057 5113163122041128045 n.jpg

Card Sharks Live![]

On March 21, 2018, a live version of the classic game show Card Sharks was seen on Buzzr's official Facebook page hosted by Nick Uhas where you can submit your answers throughout Facebook live for your chance to win prize.

29388380 1983458861870899 5432209279463456768 n.jpg

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Nick Uhas was a former contestant on the reality show Big Brother.


On August 26, 2019, the network did their promotional stunt called "BUZZR BINGO" where you can watch any of the episodes of their Fremantle-owned classics by marking off any moments that appeared on air until August 30, 2019. But don't forget the "FREE SPACE" in the middle, once you've spotted the five moments in either a diagonal, vertical or horizontal row then you got a BUZZR bingo.

Buzzr Bingo Every Weekday Starting August 26th.png
5d52f0982226f-BuzzrBingo GameCard FINAL 2019 updated.jpg

You can also visit the website to share your bingo squares for a chance to win fun BUZZR prizes.

The event happened again on April 27, 2020.

Buzzr Bingo Starting April 27th 1 PM E 10 AM P.png

The third event happened again from April 19-23, 2021.

Buzzr Bingo Starting April 19th 1PM E 10 AM P.png

Password Triple Play[]

From August 14 until September 18, 2021; The network had a six-week long event called "Password Triple Play" airing each and every Saturday night where it mainly consisted of episodes from Password Plus, Super Password and for the first time ever on the network Million Dollar Password.

Password Triple Play Saturday Nights Starting August 14th.png

Promotional Stunts[]

The network also puts on promotional stunts surrounding holidays and other events. For example, the channel announced that on July 4, 2015 they would be airing episodes of Body Language, Match Game, Press Your Luck, Card Sharks, Super Password and Password Plus where they originally aired on the 4th of July in their respective years.

Fireworks All Night Schedule.jpg

Then Beginning on September 7-12, 2015, the channel began airing a special week called "Lost and Found" where it featured never-before-seen unaired pilots and different-formatted, short-lived game shows from Fremantle's library including: Play for Keeps!, Star Words, TKO, On a Roll, Body Talk, the 1992 pilot of The Family Feud Challenge, Beat the Clock (1979), Now You See It (Narz), Double Dare, Body Language, Child's Play, the 1962 pilot of The Match Game, the 1973 pilot of Match Game and the 1963 pilot of Let's Make a Deal.

Lost & Found Starting September 7.jpg
Buzzr Lost & Found Schedule.png

Additional Notes:
The original 1963 pilot of Let's Make a Deal was the first game show to be aired on Buzzr in 2015. Prior to this, The 1963 pilot of Let's Make a Deal was also aired during their "Let's Make a Deal-a-thon" in 2001 while the 1962 pilot of The Match Game and the 1973 pilot of Match Game have aired on "Match Game's Merry Blank-a-thon" in 2012 on Game Show Network/GSN respectively in occasional marathons.
Both the 1962 & 1973 pilots of Match Game have also aired as part of the "Match Game Time Machine Marathon" in 2019.
Although a small clip of the pilot of Take Your Choice was seen in the promo, it never aired as part of the block during the week. However, six years later, the full pilot would be aired as a part of their 6th Annual Lost and Found event on September 25, 2021.

The event returned again on September 11-15, 2017. This time it features shows such as Make the Connection, Choose Up Sides, Wordplay, Trivia Trap, Missing Links, Winner Take All, It's News to Me and Play Your Hunch. It also features pilots that have already been seen in the first Lost & Found event including the original 1962 pilot of The Match Game, Play for Keeps!, Body Talk and Star Words. the original 1956 pilot of To Tell the Truth as Nothing But the Truth was also aired along with a first and only non-game show episode of the short-lived syndicated reality/talk show Richard Simmons' Dream Maker.

Lost and Found Starting September 11.png

Additional Note:
The original 1956 pilot of Nothing But the Truth also aired in their To Tell the Truth Marathon on June 12, 2016.

Its third return was from September 29-30, 2018. Featuring colored versions of To Tell the Truth (Moore), Password, What's My Line? (Blyden), What's My Line? at 25, Classic Concentration, I've Got a Secret (Allen), He Said, She Said and The Better Sex.

3rd Annual Lost and Found Saturday Starting 4PM E 1PM P.png
3rd Annual Lost and Found Tomorrow 4PM E 1PM P.png

Additional Notes:
In promos, this was known as the "3rd Annual Lost and Found".
What's My Line? at 25 has also aired on GSN (Game Show Network) on December 24, 2014 at midnight.

Its fourth return was from September 28-29, 2019. Featuring episodes of Password Plus, Child's Play, Tattletales, Card Sharks, The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth (both 70s and 90s versions) and Match Game. This time around it mainly focuses on future celebrities that have appeared on these said shows such as Kristie Alley, Jeff Cohen, Breckin Meyer, Meg Ryan, Kelly Packard, Howie Mandel, Jenny Jones, Anderson Cooper, Michael Flatley and Brianne Leary.

4th annual Lost and Found Starting September 28th.png

Its fifth return was on September 27, 2020. For this lineup it featured only six rare, short-lived Goodson-Todman produced game shows from the 1950s and 1960s respectively on their schedule such as: Call My Bluff, Number Please, Say When!!, Get the Message, Split Personality and What's Going On?. The years of the shows range from 1954-1965.

5th Annual Lost and Found Sunday September 27th.png

Additional Note:
Some of these shows have also once aired on GSN as well such as: Number Please, Get the Message and What's Going On?.

On October 5, 2015, Buzzr announced their new promotion for their Sunday Night lineup block called "Pick & Play" Where it allowed viewer votes from a list of six classic game shows from FremantleMedia's library, which includes: Beat the Clock (1979), Double Dare, Now You See It (Narz), Sale of the Century (Perry), Trivia Trap and Wordplay. After the sweepstakes ends on October 12, 2015, the top three most-voted shows will officially make up Buzzr's new Sunday Night lineup on October 18, 2015. In addition, voters will be eligible to win a grand prize trip to Los Angles, California for a taping of Let's Make a Deal or to Atlanta, Georgia for a taping of Family Feud. The block itself featured two episodes of Sale of the Century (Perry), Beat the Clock (1979) and Double Dare (Trebek).

Pick & Play.jpg

On December 14-25, 2015, the channel aired a special marathon block called a "Betty White Christmas". The block featured various classic game show episodes featuring famous actress and game show personality Betty White. In addition, every day you can enter a special code for a chance to win various goodies from Buzzr.

Betty White Christmas alt.jpg
12376429 1656884757861646 7257982692947504373 n.png
1931199 1659235587626563 2068329171797303311 n.png

In addition, the special event returned again on December 19, 2016.

Betty White Christmas Starting December 19.jpg
Betty White Christmas 2016.jpg
Jingle Betty.jpg
7 Nights 4 Decades.jpg

It also retuned from December 18-22, 2017.

Betty White Christmas Starting December 18th.png
Betty White Christmas Every Night Now Until Christmas.png

On December 17, 2018; a 4th Annual Betty White Christmas debut for "8 Days and 71 Episodes".

4th Annual Betty White Christmas Starting December 17th.png
8 Days 71 Episodes.png

On December 16, 2019; a 5th Annual Betty White Christmas debut.

5th Annual Betty White Christmas Starting December 16th.png

It premiered on the same day as Family Feud Canada hosted by Gerry Dee.

On December 21, 2020; a 6th Annual Betty White Christmas debut, this featured new-to-buzzr episodes of Match Game (from 1974), Tattletales (from 1976), Password Plus (from 1980) and Super Password (from 1986).

6th Annual Betty White Christmas Starting December 21st.png

On February 7, 2016, in conjunction with SuperBowl 50, the network aired a special marathon event called the "Buzzr Bowl" featuring five vintage episodes of Family Feud with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders taking on the Dallas Cowboys football players, Hosted by Richard Dawson from 1980 and the AFC quarterbacks going head-to-head with the NFC quarterbacks, hosted by Ray Combs from 1993.

Buzzr Bowl.jpg

The event returned once again on January 30, 2017 as "Buzzr Bowl II", featuring a 1989 Syndicated episode of Family Feud hosted by Ray Combs featuring the San Francisco 49ers playing against the Cincinnati Bengals along with an episode of Match Game '75 featuring the late Professional Wrestler/Football Player/Actor Alex Karras.

Buzzr Bowl II January 30th.png

On February 3, 2019, in conjunction with Super Bowl LIII, the event returned again as "Buzzr Bowl III", just like the first event in 2016, it aired classic episodes of Family Feud featuring the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders vs football players from 1980 hosted by Richard Dawson and the AFC vs NFC quarterbacks from 1993, hosted by Ray Combs.

Buzzr Bowl III Sunday February 3rd.png

On February 14, 2016, in celebration of "Valentine's Day", the network aired a special-themed marathon called "Love is on the Air". the marathon featured classic episodes of: He Said, She Said, Tattletales, Password, Password Plus and Family Feud.

Love is on the Air Large.jpg
LIOTA alt.jpg

The title of this marathon was a spoof of the hit 1977 song title called "Love is in the Air" sung by John Paul Young.

From March 22-April 3, 2016; (due to "March Madness") the channel aired their own tournament called "Buzzr Brackets" where it features sixteen classic game show hosts: Monty Hall, Joe Garagiola, Allen Ludden, Pat Sajak, Richard Dawson, Bob Eubanks, Bob Barker, Jim Perry, Gene Rayburn, Peter Tomarken, Tom Kennedy, Jack Narz, Bill Cullen, Bert Convy, Alex Trebek and Ray Combs. Battling against each other to see who's ("Literally") got game. In addition, viewers were also able to download their very own brackets at as you were allowed to set up your very own picks.

Buzzr Brackets 2016.jpg
BUZZR Bracket.png
  • NOTE: Gene Rayburn is the winner of the 2016 Buzzr Brackets tournament.
Gene Rayburn 2016 Buzzr Brackets Winner.png

On April 25, 2016; the network hosted a Twitter Q&A session with Bob Eubanks, which is when the 1986-89 version of Card Sharks will begin airing on the network. In addition, viewers would be able to Tweet their questions to Buzzr by using the hashtag "#CARDSHARKSWEEK" from April 18 through April 20, 2016.

11224208 1696139050602883 9137487097040276192 n.jpg
Card Sharks Week.jpg
12991067 1697817260435062 7915710147426448541 n.jpg
13006461 1699091873640934 5098131166056433417 n.jpg

From May 30-June 1, 2016; in celebration of their first Birthday, the network had their own scratcher game called "The Buzzr Birthday Celebration Scratcher!" where viewers have the opportunity to win daily prizes just by downloading their own digital scratcher cards...

Buzzr's Birthday Scratchers Game.jpg
The Buzzr Birthday Celebration Scratcher.jpg
13335649 1711204712429650 3094067867780823825 n.jpg

...It returned again 2017.

18581721 1851358758414244 5861334559222482989 n.jpg
18813482 1856313767918743 5458695140191440122 n.jpg
Birthda Scratchers Are Back!.png

On June 12, 2016; due to the ABC reboot with Anthony Anderson in the summer, the network aired a marathon of classic episodes of To Tell the Truth including five "new-to-Buzzr" vintage episodes along with the original never-before-seen 1956 pilot called Nothing But the Truth hosted by Mike Wallace.

Buzzr's To Tell The Truth Marathon June 12th.jpg
13416806 1715380748678713 1252552533452322758 o.jpg

Additional Note:
The original 1956 pilot of To Tell the Truth (as Nothing But the Truth) was also re-aired as part of their "Lost & Found" week on September 15, 2017.

On December 18, 2016; the network aired a mini-marathon of To Tell the Truth in celebration of its 60th Anniversary of the show.

From June 20-25, 2016; due to the second season premiere of Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey along with the revival of Match Game with Alec Baldwin as part of ABC's new summer primetime block called "Sunday Fun & Games". The network decided to air a marathon of vintage episodes of All-Star Family Feud with a "TV's All-Time Favorite" episode featuring cast members from: Petticoat Junction, Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and Your Hit Parade along with a "Hollywood Walk of Fame" episode featuring: Mark Goodson, Dorothy Lamour, Cesar Romero and Betty White along with "new-to-Buzzr" episodes of Match Game '73. On June 25, the network rebroadcast an all-day marathon of both series leading to the upcoming ABC Sunday Night Primetime block.

13510799 1718968964986558 4163258518472068940 n.jpg

On July 1, 2016; the network continued it's celebration of "The 75th Anniversary of the TV Game Show" by airing an all-day marathon with classic episodes of What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret and To Tell the Truth.

The 75th Anniversary of the TV Game Show All Day July 1st.jpg

Although its not created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman respectively, on July 31, 2016; the network aired "The Michael Larson Press Your Luck Episodes" where an unemployed Ice Cream truck driver from Lebanon, Ohio named Michael Larson went on Press Your Luck and won $110,237 for just two episodes in 1984.

The Michael Larson Press Your Luck Episodes July 31st.jpg

Prior to this, the two part episodes have aired on Game Show Network/GSN twice. The first was in the documentary special called Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (hosted by the late Peter Tomarken) in 2003 and in the countdown special called The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All-Time (hosted by Bil Dwyer) in 2006.

On August 25, 2016; in celebration of Monty Hall's 95th birthday, the network started airing four "New-to-Buzzr" episodes of his hit signature creation Let's Make a Deal along with two "New-to-Buzzr" episodes of the short-lived 1979 version of Beat the Clock.

Young Monty Hall.jpg

On November 6, 2016; in conjunction with the 2016 election (Clinton vs. Trump) the network did a "Salute to Politics" marathon special. This marathon in general featured vintage "politically-themed" episodes of: Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, I've Got a Secret, Press Your Luck and Match Game.

Buzzr's Salute to Politics.jpg
Political Hat on Buzzr.jpg

On July 9, 2017; the network celebrated America's favorite pastime with Buzzr All-Stars marathon where it consisted Baseball-themed episodes of What's My Line?, Family Feud with Ray Combs and both Match Game '75 and '78 respectively.

Buzzr All-Stars.png
Buzzr All-Stars July 9th.png

On October 3-4, 2017; due to his death on September 30, 2017; the network did a mini-marathon tribute to Monty Hall with various classic episodes of his hit signature show Let's Make a Deal along with the short-lived 1979-80 revival of Beat the Clock this is also the first time Buzzr has done a tribute to a legendary game show host. Additionally, the marathon block repeated again on October 7, 2017.

Buzzr Celebrates the Life of.png
Monty Hal 1921-2017.png

On October 20, 2017; the network aired their first documentary special called Game Changers where it reviewed the history of the game show genre and featured interviews of game show personalities including Alex Trebek, Wink Martindale and Drew Carey.

Game Changers.png

This would also be repeated on May 11, 2019...

Game Changers Saturday May 11.png

...and again on June 16, 2019.

On March 12, 2018; the network will air their Card Sharks "Turnabout Tournament Battle of the Hosts" event from 1980 which has only eight classic emcees of the genre which includes: Allen Ludden, Gene Rayburn, Bill Cullen, Wink Martindale, Tom Kennedy, Alex Trebek, Jack Clark and Jim Lange.

Card Sharks Turnabout Tournament Battle of the Hosts.png

NOTES:GSN has once aired this episode in the past.
Both Martindale and Lange have never hosted any Goodson-Todman/Goodson game shows. Additionally, Martindale is the only person that still alive.

On May 28, 2018; the network aired their Match Game Buzzr "Misspelling" Bee where it features various episodes with celebrities misspelling words on their blue cards (and sometimes the Supermatch) in addition, viewers can find the misspelled word of the day by finding the star on their official Facebook page by liking the page, spell the word correctly in the comments below and you're entered to win.

Match Game Buzzr Misspelling Bee Starts May 28th.png

On May 27, 2019; the network aired their "2nd Annual Match Game Buzzr Bee".

2nd Annual Match Game Buzzr Bee Starts May 27th.png

On May 25, 2020; the network aired their "3rd Annual Match Game Buzzr Bee".

3rd Annual Match Game Buzzr Bee Starts May 25th.png

Although not created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman respectively, on November 25, 2018; the network aired a marathon of the reality competition series The Great Christmas Light Fight from season 1 in order to celebrate their new season on ABC...

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Marathon November 25.png

...On November 28 2019, a marathon of season 2 aired in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 2 Marathon Thanksgiving Night Starting 8 PM E 5 PM P.png

On January 6, 2019; the network aired their "Match Game Time Machine Marathon" where it consisted pilots from 1962 & 1973, a 1964 episode along with two episodes from 1973-79 all hosted by Gene Rayburn including six episodes of the 2016 reboot hosted by Alec Baldwin.

Match Game Time Machine Marathon.png

Game Show Network/GSN has also aired both the 1962 & 1973 pilots as part of "Match Game's Merry Blank-a-Thon" in 2012 and Buzzr has aired it as part of their first annual Lost & Found week in 2015.

On February 17, 2019; the network aired their "Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour Marathon" where it features episodes 2 thru 5 of this short-lived NBC Daytime hybrid series hosted by the late Gene Rayburn and Jon Bauman most commonly known as Bowzer of Sha Na Na fame.

Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour Marathon Sunday February 17 2019.png

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The series has never been in reruns for 35 years due to a joint ownership between the titles of Match Game (Fremantle) and Hollywood Squares (MGM).
The theme song has been used as a car cue for its fellow game shows The Price is Right along with the 1986 revival of Card Sharks.
The theme song was also used as a ticket plug for The Price is Right as well.
The theme song was also used as the theme for the British version of Price most commonly known as The New Price is Right hosted by Bob Warman when it aired on Sky One for one series (or season) from 1989 until 1990.
This was the one and only version of Squares that did not feature any bluff answers that were being used by the celebrities at all.

In celebration of International Women's Day, on March 8, 2019 the network started airing episodes that are mostly dedicated to females in game shows including: Body Language, Match Game PM, Match Game, To Tell the Truth (Ward), What's My Line? (Bruner & Daly), I've Got a Secret where Betsy Palmer subs for Garry Moore, Password Plus, Super Password, Supermarket Sweep along with a rare episode of the original The Price is Right where Arlene Francis subs for Bill Cullen and the 1995 episodes of Family Feud hosted by Richard Dawson where it features a battle between two comic legends Carol Burnett and Betty White.

International Women's Day Friday March 8th.png

On April 1, 2019; the network aired their "Celebrity Tournament" Edition week of Card Sharks. Among them that have appeared are: Avery Schreiber, Greg Mullavey, Marcia Wallace, Mary Ann Mobley, Ross Martin, Vicki Lawrence, Bill Daily and Meredith MacRae.

Card Sharks Celebrity Tournament All This Week Starting 9PM.png

NOTE: The only celebrities that are still alive today are Vicki Lawrence and Greg Mullavey while Schreiber, Wallace, Mobley, Martin, Daily and MacRae no longer exist.

In the celebration (or embarrassment) of Tax Day, on April 14, 2019; the network aired a marathon called "Press Your Luck's Whammy's Biggest Whammies" where it mainly highlights contestants who are supposed to be some of the biggest losers to the whammy. Nearly all of these episodes are mostly either from 1984, 1985 and 1986. Additionally, it was announced by either the late Rod Roddy and Charlie O'Donnell.

Press Your Luck's Whammy's Biggest Whammies Sunday Starting 4pm E 1pm P.png

NOTE: This show was not created by Goodson-Todman.

In celebration of their primetime summer reboots on ABC. On June 8, 2019; the network did a celebration marathon called "Buzzr (4th Annual) Birthday Bash" where it consisted two retro episodes of Press Your Luck (from 1985) Card Sharks (from 1988) and Match Game (from 1978).

Buzzr Birthday Bash Starts June 8th.png

NOTE: Contestant Cookie Young (now Cathy Cisneros) and Christina (who now only goes by Chris) Carter from episodes of Press Your Luck and Card Sharks respectively could be seen in the marathon as of which they will both become contestants once again 30+ years later with Elizabeth Banks and Joel McHale as hosts respectively.

On June 23, 2019, the network aired a eight episode marathon of the original version of The Price is Right with Bill Cullen.

TPIR Cullen.png

In celebration for National Pride Month, on June 30, 2019; the network aired a collection of vintage game shows from Fremantle's library as it highlights famous celebrities that are near and dear to the LGBTQ community such as Charles Nelson Reilly, Wesley Eure, Jim J. Bullock, Lily Tomlin, Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland and more.

61902448 2450412358336418 2842296428917686272 n.png

On July 28, 2019; the network had a marathon mostly called "Christmas in July" which consisted of "Christmas-themed" classic episodes from Password Plus (1979), Match Game (1977 & 1978), Card Sharks (1978) and Sale of the Century (1988).

Christmas in July.png

On November 10, 2019; the network celebrated veterans as Buzzr's Veterans Sunday Salute which features mainly people from the proud Armed Forces competing on episodes of classic game shows such as Beat the Clock (Collyer), I've Got a Secret (Moore), Card Sharks (Eubanks) and Family Feud (Combs).

Buzzr's Veterans Sunday Salute November 10th.png

On November 8, 2020; the network did their second annual Buzzr's Veterans Sunday Salute, this time it mainly featured episodes from the 1990s syndicated era of Family Feud hosted by the late Ray Combs where people from The Army, The Navy and The Marines are playing The Feud.

Buzzr's Veterans Sunday Salute November 8th.png

On November 29, 2019; the network did a marathon for Black Friday called Black Friday Frenzy which consisted episodes of Sale of the Century (Perry), its short-lived remake Temptation and Supermarket Sweep (Ruprecht).

Black Friday Frenzy November 29th.png

On November 27, 2020; the event happened again but only this time it consisted of brand new episodes of The All-New Let's Make a Deal, Supermarket Sweep and Sale of the Century.

Black Friday Frenzy November 27.png

On January 12, 2020; a Body Language marathon happened on the network before its return to the scheduled on January 19, 2020.

Body Languag Marathon January 12th.png

On February 9 & 14, 2020; in celebration of Valentine's Day, the network did a marathon dubbed "Love at First Sight" featuring episodes of Password Plus featuring the late Allen Ludden and Betty White from 1980, Sale of the Century celebrating "Salute to True Romance" week from 1988, the never-before-seen syndicated version of Tattletales from 1977 featuring Joan Collins, Ron Cass, the late John Ritter & Nancy Morgan and new-to-the-network, the short-lived syndicated dating game show Bzzz! hosted by Annie Wood from 1997.

Love at First Sight February 9th.png
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On February 16, 2020; due to his death, the network paid tribute to Orson Bean as a two-hour marathon with episodes of Super Password from 1984 and Match Game from 1977 airing from 8PM-10PM EST and then was repeated from 11PM-1AM EST.

Orson Bean 1928-2020.png

On March 17, 2020; due to St. Patrick's Day, the network had an all-day marathon called "Lucky Day Marathon" as of which consisted of classic game show that featured various lucky winning contestants from Classic Concentration, Card Sharks (Perry), Supermarket Sweep (Ruprecht), Super Password, Sale of the Century (Perry), Match Game, Password Plus, The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, Split Second (Hall) and Let's Make a Deal (Hall/1986).

St Patrick's Day Lucky ay Marathon All Day St Patrick's Day.png

On June 13, 2020; in order to celebrate the network's 5th anniversary it had a marathon called "Birthday Bash" with episodes from: Classic Concentration, Match Game, Password Plus, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck and The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour.

Buzzr Birthday Bash June 13th 7pm E 4pm P.png

On July 5, 2020; the network aired their "Red, White & Bloopers" marathon where classic episode of game shows featured the classic memorable bloopers such as: Match Game, The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, Concentration, Classic Concentration, Super Password, Family Feud, Password Plus, Card Sharks, Let's Make a Deal and Password.

Red White & Bloopers Sunday July 5th.png

NOTE: The marathon's title was a play on words of the annual term "Red, White & Blue".

On August 8, 2020; In order to celebrate the life and legacy of the late comedienne/actress Lucille Ball. The network did a marathon called Buzzr Loves Lucy where it features her many appearances on classic game shows such as: What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret, Password, Password Plus, Body Language and Super Password.

Buzzr Loves Lucy Saturday August 8th.png

NOTE: The marathon's title is a reference to her 1951-1957 hit sitcom I Love Lucy.

From October 12 until October 16, 2020. The network had a marathon called Super Duper Super Password week where viewers at home try to find circled words on their screen in order to solve a Buzzr-styled Password to win cool prizes.

Super Duper Super Password.png
Super Duper Super Password Starting October 12th.png

To commemorate the upcoming ABC reboot with comedienne, former Saturday Night Live/SNL cast member and star of the rebooted and really quite controversial 2016 film of the 80s beloved classic Ghostbusters (more specifically Ghostbusters: Answer the Call) Leslie Jones. On October 17, 2020; the network did a marathon of Supermarket Sweep that aired from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am EST which mainly consisted of classic "New-to-Buzzr" episodes from 1993 and 2002 respectively.

Supermarket Sweep Marathon October 17th.png

On October 24, 2020; due to his passing on October 7, 2020; the network did a tribute marathon to Tom Kennedy that aired from 4pm-2am EST. This mainly consisted of Body Language, To Tell the Truth with Garry Moore and two episodes of Password Plus.

BUZZR Tom Kennedy 1927-2020.png

On November 14, 2020; because of suffering from pancreatic cancer (more specifically stage IV pancreatic cancer) the network did a tribute to the late Alex Trebek by having a marathon of Card Sharks (re-showing the game show host tournament from 1980), Classic Concentration and To Tell the Truth from 1990. Additionally, the network teamed up with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in order to help raise funds and support their critical life-saving research initiatives.

Alex Trebek 1940-2020.png


On November 13, 2020; The nostalgia themed network MeTV aired their very own tribute to Trebek with an 1988 episode of the sitcom Mama's Family called "Mama on Jeopardy!" and the 1990 episode of the sitcom Cheers called "What is...Cliff Clavin?" where it mainly focused on both Thelma Harper and Cliff Clavin (played by Vicki Lawrence and John Ratzenberger respectively) competing on an episode of Jeopardy! as a plot device.

This airs on the same day as the return of The Price is Right with Bill Cullen and GSN's tribute to Trebek with a Jeopardy! marathon. Speaking of GSN, they also did a video message featuring various former Jeopardy! contestants and GSN Original hosts paying tributes to Trebek such as: Ken Jennings, Muffy Marraco, Johnathan Corbblah, Joey Fatone, John Michael Higgins, Arianna Haut, Brooke Burns and Rob Belushi.

On December 31, 2020; the network did a marathon called "Blank in the New Year" where it mainly focused on episodes of Match Game changing their year signs ('73-'79) as we the viewers celebrate the new year of 2021.

Blank in the New Year New Year's Eve 8pm 11pm E.png

As seen in the card, it aired on New Years Eve.
A similar marathon aired on GSN back in the 90s.

In celebration of Black History Month, on February 27, 2021, the network did a marathon called "African American Greats" featuring influential African American leaders, innovators and pioneers who made history by helping to create a better tomorrow.

African American Greats February 27th.png

On March 19, 2021; as their answer to "April Fool's Day", the network had their very own marathon called "National Let's Laugh Day" (or "Let's Laugh Day") as it starts at 8am ET but then at 6pm ET, it features classic "new to Buzzr" episodes of Match Game followed by the premiere of the 1984 ABC primetime special TV's Funniest Game Show Moments hosted by Star Trek's Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner.

Let's Laugh Day All-Day March 19th.png

The special aired on Game Show Network/GSN twice, first on December 25, 2014 then again on January 21, 2018.
The special also "encores" itself again on March 21, 2021.

On May 16, 2021; the network had a marathon called "Broadway Matinee" airing from 3pm EST - 7pm EST where it mainly pays tribute to the performing arts of theatre with stars such as: Julie Andrews, Stephen Sondheim, Chita Rivera, Joel Grey, Florence Henderson, Bob Holiday & Larry Kert whom all have appeared on classic game shows such as: Password, I've Got a Secret & What's My Line? in both the original & '68 versions respectively.

Buzzr Broadway Matinee May 16.png

On June 5, 2021; in order to celebrate its six year milestone, the network had another "Birthday Bash" marathon where it goes "through the decades" of every classic & new game show including: Password ("60s"), Match Game ("70s"), Sale of the Century ("80s"), Classic Concentration & To Tell the Truth [Swann] ("90s"), Million Dollar Password ("00s") & Celebrity Name Game (10s).

Buzzr Birthday Bas June 5 2021.png

NOTE: This was not only the marathon's debut, but it might've also probably premiered its brand new logo for the network. However, the transition of the new logo debuted on June 7, 2021.

On July 17, 2021; Because of the Olympics, the network had a marathon called "Buzzr's Fun Run" where it mainly features classic episodes from: Family Feud ('85), Super Password & Card Sharks (both '88). These mainly focused on famous athletic contestants competing.

Buzzr's Fun Run July 17th.png

NOTE: This was the first marathon that uses the current 2021 logo.

On September 5, 2021; the network offered a "preview marathon" with just only six episodes of the short-lived 1979-80 cult classic game show Whew! from 4PM-7PM EST before its official debut on September 6, 2021.

Whew! Preview Marathon Sunday September 5th.png

NOTE: This was the first acquired classic to be ever aired on Labor Day.

Game Shows[]

NOTE: Some of these shows have also aired on Game Show Network/GSN as well in the past.


  • Beat The Clock (Collyer & Hall)
  • The Better Sex
  • Blockbusters (Cullen)
  • Body Language
  • Body Talk (unsold pilot)
  • Call My Bluff
  • Card Sharks (Perry, Eubanks & Rafferty)
  • Child's Play
  • Choose Up Sides
  • Classic Concentration
  • Concentration (Narz)
  • Double Dare (Trebek)
  • Family Feud (Dawson ['76 & '94], Combs, Anderson and Karn)
  • Family Feud Challenge (unsold pilot)
  • Get the Message
  • He Said, She Said (prototype of Tattletales)
  • It's News to Me
  • I've Got a Secret (Moore & Allen)
  • Make the Connection
  • The Match Game (1962 pilot & 1964 "All-Star" episodes)
  • Match Game (Rayburn)
  • Match Game PM
  • The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour
  • Missing Links (pilot episode)
  • The Name's the Same
  • Nothing But the Truth (The original pilot of To Tell the Truth hosted by Mike Wallace)
  • Now You See It (Narz)
  • Number Please
  • On a Roll (unsold pilot)
  • Password
  • Password Plus (Ludden)
  • Play for Keeps! (unsold pilot)
  • Play Your Hunch
  • The Price is Right (Cullen was subbed by Arlene Francis in the episode as part of "International Women's Day")
  • Say When!!
  • Split Personality
  • Star Words (unsold pilot)
  • Super Password
  • Take Your Choice (unsold pilot, a brief random clip was seen in a 2015 promo for Buzzr's "Lost & Found" week)
  • Tattletales (remake of He Said, She Said)
  • TKO (unsold pilot)
  • To Tell The Truth (Collyer, Moore, Garagiola, Ward, Trebek & Swann)
  • Trivia Trap
  • TV's Funniest Game Show Moments (1984 special)
  • What's Going On?
  • What's My Line? (Daly & Blyden)
  • What's My Line? at 25 (1975 special)
  • Winner Take All


  • Let's Make a Deal (from Monty Hall's hosting runs)
  • Split Second (Hall)

Reg Grundy[]

  • Sale of the Century (Perry)

Carruthers Company[]

  • Press Your Luck

Scotti Bros.-Syd Vinnedge Television[]

  • Wordplay

Al Howard Production[]

  • Supermarket Sweep (Ruprecht)

Ralph Edwards-Stu Billet Productions[]

  • Bzzz!

Burt Sugarman/Jay Wolpert Productions[]

  • Whew!


  • Celebrity Name Game
  • Match Game (Baldwin)
  • Million Dollar Password
  • Temptation (The New Sale of the Century)

Reality Shows[]

  • The Great Christmas Light Fight
  • Monster Garage
  • Monster House
  • Richard Simmons' Dream Maker

Children's Programming[]

  • Animal Rescue (E/I)
  • Aqua Kids (E/I)
  • Dog Tales (E/I)
  • Dragonfly TV (E/I)
  • Stanley on the Go (E/I)
  • Wild Wonders at the San Diego Zoo (E/I)


  • Game Changers


1979339 742561799144215 279426898352732651 o-700x325.jpg



Purple Version[]

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We'll Be (Right) Back...[]

Buzzr Let's play We'll Be Right Back.png

Pre-Launch Sites[]

Trade Ads[]

Press Kit[]


As of July 2015, Buzzr has current subchannel affiliation agreements with television stations in 31 media markets encompassing 22 states and the District of Columbia, covering 40% of the media markets in the United States.

Fox Television Stations was announced as the network's affiliation group, airing Buzzr on 12 Fox owned and operated stations (including a satellite station of Orlando O&O WOFL, whose sister station WRBW served as that market's affiliate) and five MyNetworkTV owned and operated stations. Buzzr has affiliates in all 10 of the largest and 15 of the 20 largest U.S. television markets (including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston-Manchester and Dallas-Fort-Worth) with an initial reach of 37% of U.S. television homes. In four of the network's launch markets (New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix), Buzzr is affiliated with stations whose subchannel the network occupies were previously affiliated with Bounce TV; as a result of a March 2014 agreement with Univision Communications, Bounce TV moved its affiliations in those markets to Univision-owned stations in late May 2015, shortly before Buzzr launched.

Debmar-Mercury (which serves as the current distribution partner for the current syndicated run of the Fremantle-produced Family Feud) was hired by FremantleMedia (now Fremantle) to handle responsibility for the recruitment of affiliates through agreements with other broadcasting companies. The network hopes to expand its charter affiliate footprint to reach markets covering 50 million U.S. households with at least one television set.

List of current affiliates[]

City of License/Market Station Virtual Channel Owner Affiliation Date Notes
Phoenix, Arizona KUTP 45.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Los Angeles, California KCOP-TV 13.2 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015 Replaces Bounce TV
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, California KTVU 2.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Washington, District of Columbia WTTG 5.2 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Orlando, Florida WRBW 65.4 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Gainesville, Florida WOGX 51.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida WTVT 13.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia WAGA-TV 5.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Chicago, Illionis WFLD 32.2 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Detroit, Michigan WJBK 2.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota KMSP-TV 9.4 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Secaucus-New York City, New York WWOR-TV 9.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015 Replaces Bounce TV
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WTXF-TV 29.4 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Rock Hill/Charlotte, South Carolina WMYT-TV 55.2 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Austin, Texas KTBC 7.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas KDFI 27.3 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015 Replaces Bounce TV
Houston, Texas KRIV 26.2 Fox Television Stations June 1, 2015

See Also[]

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